Welcome to The Spoony Bard. This page is toma’s home on the internet. Since 1997, this page has been consistently bringing to you… inconsistency. Mostly stuff about video games and stuff, or projects that I’m doing myself. Like, I used to do a lot of romhacking and translating, but now I do a lot more of making funny cartoons and movies… or whatever else I want to really. Anyways, have fun!



What’s New

What's up?

Oh look, a subtle logo change. Maybe it means something. I don’t know.

16 Years Today...

The Spoony Bard has been online for 16 years now. Since I’m 31, that means it’s been around for more than half of my life. Crazy…

Pitman Update

Fixed a few minor bugs in Pitman. Nothing earth shattering, but I figured it was worth noting that the QR codes are now different due to this.

New Look

Ditched the nasty old look for the site in favor of something much more green and binary looking. Oh yeah!

PetitCom Project: Pitman

Yes, I am back out of nowhere. I never vanish forever… I recently downloaded Petit Computer off the Nintendo eShop. For anyone who hasn’t heard, it’s a version of BASIC that allows for programming simple homebrew games on your DSi or 3DS, but it’s totally legit and official. Pretty cool. Anyway, around the same time, I heard about Catrap… then found out it was originally a BASIC game called Pitman. So my original plan was to port it, but then I completely disregarded the original source code and rewrote it from scratch instead. So yeah, it’s totally playable and ready to go. If you have PetitCom, give it a try. It’s a pretty decent puzzle platformer game. It has 50 levels and you can save your progress at any time.